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Use SPAGUARD WATER FRESHENER To Eliminate Odors And Freshen Water.

***Note: This Product Is The Equivalent Of Febreeze For Water. This Product Is Compatible With Both Chlorine And Bromine Sanitizing Systems.

Label Directions For Use: Read entire product label and use strictly in accordance with precautionary statements and directions.

  1. Use the container cap as convenient measure.
  2. Add 2 capfuls or 1 tablespoon of SpaGuard Water Freshener per 100 gallons of water.
  3. Pour directly into water with pump running.
  4. Repeat this dose as needed.

Label Directions For Spa Maintenance Tips: 

  1. Test spa water a minimum of once a week.
  2. Keep water pH between 7.2 and 7.6.
  3. Keep total alkalinity at 100 ppm - 150 ppm and calcium hardness at 150 - 300 ppm.
  4. Refill residential spas and hot tubs every 60 days, heavy use commercial spas every 4 days, and normal use commercial spas every 8 days.
  5. At refill time, clean spa surfaces with SpaGuard Surface Cleaner.
  6. Clean filter with SpaGuard Filter Cleaner & Degreaser a minimum of every 60 days.