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Use SPAGUARD SPA SENTRY To Maintain pH In Hot Tub Water

***Note: If Using This Product In Calcium Rich Water This Product Will Physically Remove The Calcium From The Water And Will Force It To The Top Of The Water Or Into The Filter Requiring The Filter To Be Rinsed After A Day Or So. 

Label Directions For Use: Read entire label and use strictly in accordance with hazard statements and directions. For Calcium Hardness testing, see your BioGuard Authorized Dealer. Consult manufacturer's literature to determine your spa volume. 

  1. First, drain and clean the spa's surfaces with SpaGuard Surface Cleaner and clean the filter with SpaGuard Filter Cleaner & Degreaser.
  2. Refill your spa with fresh water

IMPORTANT: The heater should be off before the addition of Spa Sentry. The heater should remain off until all cloudiness has been cleared by filtration. All additions of product should be made with the spa water circulating.

3. If your fill water has calcium hardness less than 150 ppm (195 ppm total hardness) add 1 quart (1 bottle) of Spa Sentry per 300 to 500 gallons of spa water. If dissolved calcium is present, the water softening action of Spa Sentry will precipitate the calcium, allowing your filter to remove it. The water may cloud when the product is added, indicating that Spa Sentry is working to remove excess calcium. If clouding occurs, circulate the spa for 24 hours. Then remove cartridge filters and rinse away excess calcium with strong stream of water. 

If your fill water has calcium hardness greater than 150 ppm (195 ppm total hardness), a total of 2 quarts of Spa Sentry will be needed for each 300 to 500 gallons of water. Add the first quart of Spa Sentry and circulate the spa water through thte filtration system for 24 hours (use high speed if 2 speed pump). Clean the filters (rinse cartridges). Add the second quart of Spa Sentry, and circulate the spa water through the filtration system for 24 hours. Clean filter again. 

If your fill water has calcium hardness greater than 300 ppm (390 ppm total hardness) consult your BioGuard Dealer before using this product.