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Use SPAGUARD CALCIUM HARDNESS INCREASER To Increase Calcium Hardness Levels In Spa. If Calcium Levels Remain Low Your Hot Tub Water Could Become Corrosive Which May Damage Hot Tub Equipment And Surfaces.

***Note: Calcium Is One Of The Easier Levels In Hot Tub Water To Maintain, Once You Get It In Range It Usually Will Stay Put. If The Low Calcium Level Has Been Possibly Caused By Filling Your Hot Tub With Water That Has Passed Through A Water Softener System It Is Encouraged For The Unit To Be Drained And Refilled Using Water That Has Not Passed Through A Water Softener. 

Label Directions For Measurements And Dosing: Use all level measurements, 3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon; 2 capfuls = 1 tablespoon; 1/4 cup = 4 tablespoons

Label Directions For Use: 

  1. Use an accurate test method to determine calcium hardness level of water.
  2. Using the chart belowand total hardness test results determine the required amount of SpaGuard Calcium Hardness Increaser needed to adjust the calcium to maintain a reading 100 to 200 ppm. (For spas on the BioGuard SoftSoak Program, adjust the calcium to maintain a reading of 200-300 ppm. 
  3. With pump running on High Speed, scatter the required amount of product over the spa water and continue running pump for 30 minutes. Do not predissolve this treatment as heat is generated when it contacts water.
  4. When using SpaGuard Calcium Hardness Increaser, measure carefully. Inaccurate measuring could result in a calcium hardness level other than desired.

Amount of SPAGUARD CALCIUM HARDNESS INCREASER needed to raise calcium by:

 Spa Capacity (gals) 25ppm 50ppm 60ppm 100ppm
100 1 tbsp 2 tbsp 2 tbsp + 1 tsp 4 tbsp
150 1.5 tbsp 3 tbsp 3 tbsp + 1 tsp 6 tbsp
250 2.5 tbsp 5 tbsp 6 tbsp 10 tbsp
400 4 tbsp 8 tbsp 9 tbsp + 1 tsp 16 tbsp
500 5 tbsp 10 tbsp 12 tbsp 20 tbsp