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If You're Wanting The Benefits Of A Salt Pool Without Adding The Expensive Equipment This Is As Close As You Can Get.

Minimize Dry Skin, Eliminate Sore/Red Eyes, Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Sanitizer, Prevent Algae- All While Improving Filtration And Clarity. 

***Water Dr Note*** this is one of the few products we DO NOT recommend pre-dissolving, 9 times out of 10 the product will turn to a rock in the bucket regardless of how warm the water is in the bucket. The best way to add this product to a swimming pool is to have the pool water heated to a minimum of 80F degrees and sprinkle it little by little into the water. DO NOT dump this product into the water in one spot, it needs to be sprinkled in to dissolve. An alternate way to add this product is to SLOWLY sprinkle 1 cup of product every couple of days down the skimmer and allow the filter to dissolve it for you. This application technique will only work if your pool is equipped with a sand filter. 


  1. For initial application, introduce two pounds of ProTeam Supreme per each one thousand gallons of pool water by broadcasting the material over the surface area of the pool with pump running. This initial treatment must be added in two does with one half of the necessary amount being added in each application. For initial pH adjustment use 3/4 pound ProTeam pH Down of 10 ounces of muriatic acid for each pound of ProTeam Supreme, mixing acid in a bucket of water, then add to pool.
  2. The pH of the pool water may rise as a normal reaction to the introduction of ProTeam Supreme. After a normal turnover of pool water adjust the pH to 7.4-7.6 using a reliable acid demand kit. ProTeam Supreme is compatible with all materials normally used in swimming pool maintenance. 
  3. Test the pool water a minimum once a week or as normally required by local Heath Authority Regulations. Sanitizer levels need to be maintained at levels indicated on the sanitizer label. The ProTeam Supreme residual must be tested at least once each month and must be maintained at 30-50ppm. Your ProTeam Dealer can provide this test and water analysis. 
  4. ProTeam Supreme is lost from water only through filter backwash and splash-out.

WINTERIZATION: A pool that has been treated with ProTeam Supreme will remain clear and be beautiful throughout the winter months with little or no effort. The pool must be tested to assure that an adequate level of ProTeam Supreme is present before shut down. See your ProTeam Dealer for freeze protection information.