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Use ORENDA PR-10000A To Remove Phosphates From Your Pool Or Spa Water.

***Note: We Love Orenda PR-10000A, It Is The Most Effective Phosphate Remover On The Market In Our Opinion. Not To Mention It Has Professional Grade Potency, So No Need For Gallons Upon Gallons, You'd Be Surprisede At What Just 1 Pint Or Quart Can Do.

Label Directions For Use: Apply PR-10000 evenly into the water around the perimeter. Ue reference chart for complete dosing information, after checking phosphate level with a kit kit. Do not apply more than 8 ounces in an average residential pool per treatment. It is completely normal to notice clouding of water upon addition of product and for filter pressure to increase. Backwash and/or clean filter as necessary. Recheck phosphate level after application and treat accordingly. Also test phosphate levels monthly to ensure proper maintenance. Be aware phosphate testing is subjective and is influenced by existing algaer. Algae in a pool will result in a false reading. 


 Phosphate Level Dosage Per 10,000 Gallons
0-500ppb 2 ounces
500-1000ppb 4 ounces
1000-2000ppb 8 ounces
2000ppb + 10 ounces plus