$ 35.00

Shopping for a gift has never been so easy or more convenient. This is a pre-packed crowd pleaser perfect for everyone from your next-door neighbor to your child's teacher to your mother or best friend. You can only have so many hand lotions and perfumes, but there's no such thing as too many diffusers or sachets.

How IT Works: Choose Your Favorite Fragrance And Your Items Ship Out In A Gift Box With A Beautiful Bow On Top Ready To Give To That Someone Special (or yourself)!  How Easy Is That?

This Gift Box Includes The Following Items:

  • 1 Auto Vent Clip (Freshens Air Up To 30 Days)
  • 3 Scented Sachets (115ML)
  • Fiber Reed Diffuser (8 Reeds, 4 Fluid Oz, Fragrance Up To 30 Days)

Auto Vent Clips Are Always A Hit. There Isn't One Person Who Won't Appreciate This Little Beauty. Clipped To Auto Air Vent Or To An Air Return Vent In The House And Allow The Lovely Fragrance To Permeate The Air. Especially Great for RV's And Dorm Rooms. Auto Vent Clips Will Last 30 Days Or More.

Scented Sachets Are The Unsung Heroes Of This Gift Pack. They Are Handy In So Many Ways. Put One In A Dresser Drawer, Or In Your Gym Bag, Yoga Bag, Sports Bag, Vacuum Cleaner Bag, Desk Drawer, Locker, Under The Sink, Behind The Toilet, Under The Garbage Bag In A Trash Can, In The Laundry Hamper, Under The Car Seat Or Even Clip On A Hanger And Hang In The Closet. Any Place There Is Stale Air.

Fiber Reed Diffuser Will Freshen Room For Up To 30 Days. The Fiber Reeds Only Need To Be Placed Into The Attractive Glass Jar And Don't Require To Be Flipped In Order To Provide A Consistent Fragrance Throw. It Is Appropriate For Every Room In Your Home Or Office. Did You Know That Scent Is The Most Powerful Memory We Have? Delicious Fragrances Can Put People In A Happier Mood?