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Most Or Us Forget That Fish And Vegetables Are Amazing On The Grill. The Flexible Basket Included In This Kit Is Perfect For Holding A Medley Of Amazing Vegetables, But Don't Stop As The Usual Carrots Or Cauliflower. Sliced Eggplant Or Zucchini Are Amazing On The Grill As Well But Can Be Too Tender Which Is Where The Flexible Basket Steps In. Also Included In This Kit Is A Multifunctional Grill Topper. The Grill Topper Is Meant To Hold Your Planks And Makes The Removal From The Grill A Breeze With The Handles. Also Included In This Kit Are Skewers, Skewers Of Coarse Are Multifunctional as well. Not Just For Meats, But Don't Forget About Mozzerella Balls, Or Pieces Of Chicken.