$ 27.00
SKU: ECO8050

This Is The World's First Pre-Measured, Self Dissolving Spa/Shock Combination Tablet.It Is A Revolutionary, Unique To The market, Shock/Sanitizer Combo.

Simply Toss 1 Or 2 Self-Dissolving Tablets of ONEshock Into Spa Skimmer Once A Week. ONEshock Will Keep Your Spa Water Clean, Clear And Bacteria-Free.

Yes, It's Really That Simple!


  • Destroys Organic Contaminants
  • No Chlorine Dust
  • Restores Water Clarity
  • No Residue Or Sediment In Spa Water
  • Kills Bacteria
  • Fast Acting
  • Toss Tablet Into Spa Skimmer- It Automatically Dissolves 

Contains 64 Tablets (2lb)