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Use BIOGUARD STRIP-KWIK To Clean Your Pool Or Spa Filter. 

***Water Dr Note*** We Recommend This Filter For All Filter Types. And Even Though The Directions Are Pretty Clear, We Feel They Are A Little Lax. Please See Our H2Know Team's Recommendations In Bold Below To Prevent Against Any Adverse Effects. We Are More Cautious With This Product Because If Any Should Re-Enter The Pool Or Spa There Is No Amount Of Anti Foam That Will Cure The Foaming Issue Sure To Happen.

***Note: If Your Cartridge Filter Is More Than One Season Old It's A Much Better Investment To Simply Replace The Cartridge. If You Have A Sand Filter And Your Sand Has Not Been Replaced In Three Years Or More It's A Much, Much, Much Better Investment To Replace The Sand. 

Label Directions For Use: 

For D.E. And Cartridge Filters: Rinse the cartridge or element with a garden hose prior to applying product. Using a clean spray bottle with full strength product, evenly coat elements or cartridge. Wait 10 minutes; then using a garden hose thoroughly rinse for 5 minutes or until you stop seeing suds. Then /or , using a large clean plastic bucket, soak for 1 hour in a solution of 1 part product to three parts water. Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose before Use. Wait 10 minutes, then rise again. Wait 10 more minutes and rinse one final time. Each time rinsing until you don't see any more suds. 

For Sand Filters: Remove any chlorine product from the skimmer prior to product application. If the pool is equipped with a chemical feeder this device should be turned off by closing the inlet valve prior to product application. Backwash the filter as normal. Turn off pump. Pour the appropriate amount of product directly into the skimmer. See the chart for the exact amount of product to use for your filter type. Alternatively, if you have a second person handy- ask them to pour the amount down the skimmer while the filter is backwashing and once they shout to you they are done turn the pump off. Turn the pump on long enough to allow product to move into the filter. Turn pump off. Wait one hour with pump off. With the filter selector in the backwash position, turn the pump on and backwash until waste water is clear. Allow the filter to sit for another hour and backwash once more until waste water is clear. Then use the rinse setting if your pool filter is equipped with one. Do not allow product to return to the pool. If filter has not been degreased within the last 12 months, use double the recommended amount of product.