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Use SOFTSWIM STAIN CONTROL To Effectively Remove Metals And Excessive Calcium From Your Softswim Pool.

***Note: This Product Is Expressly For Use In A SoftSwim Pool. If Your Pool Is Chlorinated Please Refer To BioGuard Scale Inhibitor Or Orenda SC-1000.

Label Directions For Use: Backwash filter, then allow pump to run continuously. If the total amount of metals present in the pool water exceeds 2.0 ppm, also use BioGuard Sparkle Up to help remove metals. Use 1 quart of BioGuard SoftSwim Stain Control per 10,000 gallons of water per 2.0 ppm of metals. Add directly to the pool in the area of any localized metal stain. Backwash the filter as a need is indicated. Never allow filter pressure to exceed the limit established by the manufacturer. 

For Maintenance: Add 1/2 quart per 10,000 gallons during spring start-up and if significant make-up water is added.