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Use BIOGUARD SOFTSWIM FILTER AID To Clear Up Slightly Cloud Or Hazy Softswim Pools.

***Note: This Product Is Best To Be Used With A Sand Filter And Should Only Be Used In A Softswim Pool. If Your Pool Is Chlorinated Please See BioGuard PowerFloc, Or ProTeam Microfloc Clarifier.

Label Directions For Use: Pre-dissolve outdoors in an empty, clean plastic bucket 0.5-1.0 lb in 1 gallon water for pools ranging from 10,000 - 35,000 gallons. Stir with a clean plastic or wooden spoon. Pour pre-dissolved solution slowly into the skimmer with the pump running. Filter continuously 24-48 hours or until the pool clears. If the pool does not clear, backwash filter and repeat as necessary. If the pressure gauge increases 8-10 psi above the clean filter pressure, backwash and rinse the filter appropriately. Resume routine maintenance schedule.