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Use BIOGUARD SMART SILKGUARD STICKS To Effectively Chlorinate Your Pool. Smart Sticks Last 3-4 Days Longers Than Your Traditional Chlorine Tablets. 
SilkGuard Technology Makes Water Silky Smooth And Appear Softer To The Skin, Prevent Scaling And Corrosion Of Equipment. 
***Note: Smart Sticks Are Also Known For Their Ability To Not Dissolve When The Pump Is Off. Smart Sticks Were Designed With Skimmer Application In Mind. Silk Sticks Are Acceptable For Use In An Automatic Chlorine Feeder. Silk Sticks Are Not Meant For Use In A Floating Chlorine Feeder. If Using A Floating Chlorine Feeder Please Try SilkGuard Tablets, Basic Tablets, Or Our Generic Tablets.

Label Directions For Use: About once a week, with pump operating, add one BioGuard Maintain Smart SilkGuard Stick to the pool skimmer basket for each 5,000 to 7,000 gallons of water. Pool circulation must continue for a minimum of 10-12 hours to form the protective skin that reduces the erosion of the BioGuard Maintain Smart SilkGuard Sticks. Shock pool with a BioGuard oxidizer per label directions to prevent algae.

Operate pool recirculation system a minimum of 10 hours per day. Adjusting the hours of pool recirculation or the number of sticks added to the skimmer helps to regulate the sanitizer level. After four applications, you will experience the full benefits of softened water and equipment protection from SilkGuard. 

**The number of sticks and frequency of addition will vary with the number of swimmers, water temperature, rain showers and pump operating time. You should begin with the one stick per 5,000 gallon rate for heavy bather loads or elevated water temperature.