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Use BIOGUARD SILKGUARD STICKS To Effectively Sanitize Your Pool With SilkGuard Technology. BioGuard Silk Sticks Traditionally Last 2-3 More Days Than Your Average Chlorine Tablet. 

SilkGuard Technology Makes Water Soft, Prevents Scaling, Protects Against Corrosion And Metal Staining.

***Note: Silk Sticks Are Perfect For Skimmer Application, Drop One Or Two In Each Skimmer Basket. Silk Sticks Are Also Effective When Used In Automatic Chlorinators. However, It Is Our Opinion These Are Not Very Effective When Used In A Floating Chlorine Tablet Feeder. 

Label Directions For Use: Add 16 ounces of this product (two sticks) per 10,000 gallons of pool water per week, or as often as needed, to the floater, feeder or skimmer to maintain a constant free available chlorine level of 1-4ppm. Sunlight, rainfall, temperature, number of swimmers, and frequency of pool use affect the rate of chlorine residual loss so check the floater, feeder or skimmer often and refill as needed.