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Use BIOGUARD OXYSHEEN To Effectively Shock Your Pool Water Safely Without Chlorine.

***Note: This Is Not A Sanitizer. Oxysheen Is Perfect For Pools That Use A Chlorine Generator Or Salt Generator. Oxysheen Is, However, One Of The Last Places We Turn To In Cases Of Cloudy Water. If You Are Looking To Clear Cloudy Water Please Send Us A Water Sample So We May Prescribe An Appropriate Treatment. Another Thing To Know About This Product Is It Will Produce False High Chlorine Readings For 48 to 72 Hours. Another Plus On This Product Is It Can Be Used In Softwim/Bacquacil Pools To Help Retain A SoftSwim C Residual.

Label Directions For Use:  Use at the rate of one pound per 10,000 gallons every week. When the water temperature is above 86F or when the pool is subjected to heavy use, the treatment (1lb per 10,000 gallons) should be made twice weekly. Broadcast the required amount of this product directly into the deep end of the pool with the filtration system running. Apply in the morning or evening when no bathers are in the water. Swimming or bathing may be resumed in 15 minutes. Maintain pH in the range of 7.2-7.6, total alkalinity in the range of 125-150 ppm or 80-150 ppm for Mineral Springs, and calcium hardness in the range of 175-225 ppm for vinyl and fiberglass or 200-275 ppm for plaster. 

For Softswim Pools: Add at a rate of 2-1/2 lbs per 10,000 gallons of pool water. Apply half of the dosage in the skimmer and broadcast the rest directly into the deep end of the pool with filtration system running.