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Use BIOGUARD EASY SHOCK & SWIM To Effectively Shock Your Pool Water.

***Note: BioGuard Easy Shock & Swim Is In Our Top Five For Granular Pool Shock. It's Actually Second Best In Our Opinion To BioGuard's Smart Shock. 58% Of This Shock Is Active Chlorine And It Is Safe To Swim After 15 Minutes. This Product Is Available In 2lb Canisters As Well As A Large 25lb Bucket. This Shock Is Economical Without Being 'Cheap'. 

Label Directions For Use: With the pump in operation, apply the entire dosage at one time. Broadcast evenly around edges with special attention to areas of the pool where water circulation is the poorest. Apply directly to pool water only. Do not add through a skimmer or any automatic dispensing device. To help maintain a sparkling clear pool, add one pound of product to 12,000 gallons of water each week.