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Use BIOGUARD BURN OUT 35 To Effectively Shock Your Pool Water.

***Note: It Is Important To Realize That Burn Out 35 Is Not Going To Be Available For Long, The Chemical Base That Is Used To Make This Is In Shortage And BioGuard Will Bring This Product Back To Full Availability As Soon They Can Resolve This. It Is Also Important To Mention That Even Though Burn Out 35 Is A Great Product, It Is Expensive And There Are Some Other Shocks We Offer That Are More Effective And Less Expensive, Smart Shock As Well As Easy Shock & Swim Are Great Alternatives. Another Thing Worth Mentioning Is The Label's Recommended Dosage Doesn't Usually Keep The Chlorine Level In Check For The Two Weeks As Stated. We See It More Common That This Product Needs To Be Added On A Weekly Basis At A Rate Of 1lb per 7,000 Gallons To Prevent Cloudiness And Chlorine Demand Situations.

Label Directions For Use: Apply this product at a rate of 1 pound per 6,000 gallons of water every other week (alternatively 1 pound per 12,000 gallons every week). Add the total recommended amount at one time, broadcasting evenly into the deep end of the pool when the pool is not in use (preferably at night) and with pump running. Reapply after heavy rain showers or following heavy bather loads. To prevent damage to pool surface, use an appropriate pool brush to disperse any undissolved granules which may have settled to the bottom of the pool.