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Use BIOGUARD BALANCE PAK 200 To Raise Low pH Levels.

***Note: Maintaining pH Levels Is Vital To Not Only Maintaining Your Pool's Equipment, But Also To Bather Comfort And Ensuring That Your Sanitizer Is Working At It's Best. HOWEVER, Before Simply Adding A pH Increaser Please Seek A Water Test. Either Using A Droplet Kit At Home Or Sending Us A Water Sample, A Test Strip Will 9 Times Out Of 10 Incorrectly Diagnose The Situation Whereas Reflecting The Water Is Low In pH Where It Is More Likely The Situation That The Alkalinity Is In Fact Low Or Low As Well And Alkalinity Must First Be In Line Before Attempting A pH Correction. 

Label Directions For Use: To raise pH, broadcast a maximum of one pound per 10,000 gallons of water directly into the deep end of the pool. Allow water to recirculate two to three hours, recheck pH, and repeat treatment if necessary.

Addition Chart

                                                         Pool Capacity (Gallons)

If pH is       10,000      15,000        20,000      25,000      30,000        40,000       50,000

 <6.5 1lb 4oz 1lb 14oz 2lb 8oz 3lb 2oz 3lb 12oz 5lb 6lb 4oz
6.5-6.9 1lb 1lb 8oz 2lb 2lb 8oz 3lb 4lb 5lb
7.0-7.1 10oz 15oz 1lb 4oz 1lb 9oz 1lb 14oz 2lb 8oz 3lb 2oz