Highschool Graduate Gift Ideas

Highschool Graduate Gift Ideas

Elle Boomfield

Highschool Graduation: Below are some ideas great for any highschool graduate


A great gift for any graduate. Encourage your graduate to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. Our Baggo sets are portable, available in a variety of different themes including collegiate. These also come with a lifetime warranty and will become a source of great college memories.

Napoleon Travel Q285X

Completely portable these are perfect for every age. Great for tailgating at the college games, camping, beachside or outside the dorm. Encourage healthy eating and creativity- this grill can handle steaks, burgers, fish, bacon, eggs, even pancakes and pineapple slices and more. These run on the 5lb propane tanks or the standard propane tank. Let's not forget the 10 year warranty. The 285X comes on a collapsable scissor cart with wheels and will go everywhere, doesn't take up more any more room than a golf bag and will live past college to your graduate's first apartment. Heck, our Napoleon Travel Q285X can even handle muffins. 


Dartboards come either as soft tip or steel tip. A great fit for any dorm room, a game that everyone can play regardless of age or expertise, encourages study breaks or a healthy way to let out some frustration. Not to mention leaves an opening for great accessory gifts later on like new darts or flights, all of which fit perfect in christmas stockings and are for the most part very inexpensive.

Pool Cues

So many colleges have recreation rooms and a nice pool stick is always a great gift. The price range is quite vast. In particular the better brand for a younger player is a CueTec because they are practically indestructable. Other brands to consider would be Dufferin or HXT by Players. Built to last and hold up to some light abuse. 


Let's face it, dorm rooms get stinky. Hiding a sachet under the mattress, in a couple of drawers, gym bag, yoga bag, sports bag, in the closet, even in the laundry hamper is a huge help to keep the stink at bay. Not all of the scents are girly either, there are quite a few that are just clean and refreshing. 

Room Diffusers

Not all dorm rooms allow candles, we carry room diffusers that are extremely fragrant and long lasting. Perfect for any small space.

Poker Set

Not that gambling is always a great idea, but if you can encourage playing for junk food or some medium other than cash then there isn't much harm. 

Grizzly Grip Cups

Everyone knows Yeti, but Yeti just can't compare to a Grizzly. The Grizzly Grip is just one of the benefits- easier to carry a pile of books and morning coffee with the built in grip. Not to mention the Grizzly cups can keep liquids warm for 6 hours and cold for 18. That's a lot of classes. The Grizzly's also come in some fun colors. 
Awesome Gifts: Unfortunately We Don't Carry These Items In Our Store, But They Are Awesome Nonetheless

Board Games: (some things you will never grow out of) Codenames, CandyLand (yes you read that right), Bucket of Doom, Utter Nonsense (this game is just hilarious), Loaded Questions, other games we all know include Uno, Checkers, Chess, Cribbage, Tripoly, Twister

Healthy: unique yoga mat,Solstice Paddle Board (durable yet inflatable and most kits include a high pressure pump and carry bag), Tea Infusers (check out modcloth or amazon for some fun ones), Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags- try a caprese panini, Ultimate To Go Container- when you can take your fruits and veggies with you it keeps you healthy- don't bother with a ton of basic containers just get one really good one, Omelet Maker that works in the microwave

Useful: pocket knife with can opener (it never fails to come in handy), 3 tools everyone should have (don't bother getting a full tool set- just get 3- they're easier to store and keep track of [stanley multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver, Crescent R2 Wrench, Multi Tool), Bedside Pocket - storage is limited in dorm rooms, Cold Brew Coffee Maker - doesn't need an outlet or to be put  in the fridge- just put together before bed and you're ready to go in the AM, Floor To Celing Shoe Spinner- this thing is adjustable in height and is useful for more than just shoes 

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